Often, professional negligence claims happen after professionals give advice on matters
beyond their expertise or pass the work on to a colleague who does not have the necessary

We combine a sensitive and sympathetic approach to Professional Negligence Claims with a
determined fighting spirit to ensure the best results are achieved. We’ll also act on a No Win
No Fee basis on some cases.


Professional Negligence can arise where a professional provides “bad” or “negligent”
advice or where they fail to perform their responsibilities to the required standard. A
professional can be a doctor, a teacher, a vet, an independent financial advisor, an accountant
or a solicitor, to name a few.


There are a number of reasons why you may be seeking to pursue a claim against a
professional. These include being unhappy with the service provided and not receiving the
outcome/result expected based upon the advice of the professional. For example:

A Personal Injury Solicitor missing time limits

An Insurance Broker failing to inform you of all the risks to be insured

An Independent Financial Advisor advising you to invest pension monies in to
a poor investment

A Conveyancer failing to conduct searches on the correct property

An Independent Financial Advisor advising you to invest pension monies in to
a poor investment

Our Professional Negligence Claiming Process


We can help you assess both the circumstances of your case and the consequences of your
actions following any poor or incorrect advice.


We can explain your position within the law
in simple terms without overloading you with lots of legal jargon and technical terms.


We offer clear and practical advice that will help simplify and speed up the claims process.


There are a range of funding
options which might be available to fund your case. These include:

‘No win no fee’ agreements
and discounted fee agreements
and legal expense insurance (often included with home insurance policies)
Our experts will go through the funding choices with you and discuss the options available
and the best option which suits your case.


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