Every year thousands of pedestrians are seriously injured or killed in road traffic accidents in the UK.

While all road users are vulnerable, pedestrians in particular are at risk of suffering injuries in road traffic collisions because they do not have the same physical protection as the vehicle users with whom they share the streets.

The team at Mendelsons Solicitors have extensive experience in helping injured pedestrians to secure personal injury compensation after being hurt in accidents involving cars, bikes, motorbikes and other road users.

We recognise that the injuries sustained following a pedestrian accident can be severe and in some cases can have serious and long lasting effects on the victim’s quality of life.

The Personal Injury experts at Mendelsons can help you claim the compensation you deserve to recover medical costs, compensation for your injuries and any loss of earnings.

With years of experience helping clients recover compensation, we know how to structure a case to give you the best possible chance of success. You can be safe in the knowledge that we will fight to protect your rights against any injury you have suffered on the road.

Regardless of how you have been injured, if it was caused by somebody else’s negligence, then you can make a claim. We understand that each case is different and we always tailor our advice to each client’s specific needs.






Many people have painstakingly saved up for their pension so they will have what to live off in their twilight years. Recently it has come to light that many pension schemes and financial advisers have mis-sold pension investments whether due to negligence  or otherwise. If you have been mis-sold an investment or pension,

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