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Mendelsons are now accepting claims from clients against Optimise Wealth Management Limited.

Ever since Optimise applied to cancel its  FCA authorisation on 1/3/2021 we have been keeping a keen eye out for them as we believe they been involved in providing negligent financial advice to hundreds of its customers. The advice has come mainly in the form of Optimise advising clients’ many of whom are high net worth individuals living overseas to transfer their occupational pension schemes to more high risk investments through a Self-Invested Personal Pension (SIPP). The written advice of Optimise was necessary for the occupational pension scheme to be able to transfer the funds to the new SIPP. Once the new SIPP was set up those funds were transferred to the SIPP and investments were made.  It is our view that the instant the money was transferred from the Occupational Pension to the SIPP the client immediately suffered a loss. This loss arose irrespective as to what type of investment was made through the SIPP the reason for this being that the Occupational Pension was always going to be providing a much better overall benefit and return to the client than any Self-Invested Personal Pension could possibly provide.

We here at Mendelsons are specialists at securing compensation for clients who have been mis-sold a Self-Invested Personal Pension in place of an Occupational Pension even should the underlying investments seem sound (which we very much doubt).

Currently the Financial Ombudsman Service may be able to consider complaints about Optimise and the Financial Services Compensation Scheme in due course may be able to consider claims against Optimise should Optimise or their professional indemnity insurers fail to honour any award made to the client by the Financial Ombudsman Service. The Financial Conduct Authorities website now states that Optimise cannot hold client money and is only able to carry on limited  regulated activities. Optimise’s Website is now permanently closed so the writing is on the wall for Optimise to cease trading shortly, leaving hundreds of clients suffering a major life changing financial loss. It goes without saying that if you were unfortunate enough to have been provided with financial advice from Optimise that you followed, you are likely to have suffered a financial loss. Here at Mendelsons we are happy to review your position in securing a copy of your file of papers and then advising you as to the best course of action to adopt to recover your losses . On the basis you follow our advice and instruct us to act for you we will do so on a No Win No fee basis which means that we do not ask for one single penny from you and only if we recover compensation for you do we charge our fee.

Optimise was only regulated by the FCA for a very short time from February 2019 and then interestingly applied to cancel their regulatory status in January 2021. But during that time they transferred a large number of clients’ final salary (or defined benefit) pensions which defies all financial logic.

If you have suffered a loss involving Optimise Wealth Management Ltd, please contact us for a no obligation conversation and we will explain further on how can help you recover your losses.

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