The role of these unregulated introducers has been under the spotlight for a number of years with  both the Financial Conduct Authority and the financial industry as a whole considering how to tackle their involvement. These marketing companies engage in pressurised sales tactics and receive high-commissions when they make a sale( finding an investor).  The marketing firms do not come under the direct influence of the Financial Conduct Authority as they are regulated. The FCA appears to be holding the IFA responsible for advice given by the unregulated entity and this is providing some degree of protection to consumers who have been duped into investing.


Financial Page Ltd were Independent Financial Advisers who are no longer trading and the company is in administration –

Financial Page promoted a number of funds for pension holders to invest in but the main one was the AIGO fund which has also failed. Financial Page used unregulated marketing introducers to find customers to invest in AIGO who could only accept the funds if Financial Page advised it was a suitable investment for the pension holder.

What to do if you’ve dealt with Financial Page and OR invested in AIGO?

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