At Mendelsons, we understand that commercial litigation and business disputes can be costly and time consuming. We pride ourselves on utilising effective dispute resolution techniques in order to achieve our client’s goals.

Disputes will often arise in business, with different parties looking to protect their own interests. Commercial disputes can be incredibly complex and it is vital that companies instruct commercial litigation experts who are well-versed in business conflict.

As a law practice, Mendelsons recognise that there are alternative means to settling disputes before resorting to Court proceedings.

Our team has considerable expertise in Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) and Mediation, and we are willing to utilise these methods to resolve disputes for clients. Dispute avoidance and early resolution of disputes is a large part of our practice.

Nonetheless, we will not hesitate in resorting to litigation where it is commercially appropriate.

We understand that in some cases, preserving business relationships will be your priority, whereas in others, maintaining your cash flow and ensuring you are paid what is due to you will be the key.

Our aim is to assist our clients in reaching a successful, timely and cost effective resolution to any business dispute.

Mendelsons have extensive experience in dealing with many different types of contractual disputes for businesses across a number of industries.

We understand the important of creating close working relationships with our clients and we take a pragmatic and robust approach in protecting your business interests, and work to achieve the best outcome in line with your business and commercial objectives.






Many people have painstakingly saved up for their pension so they will have what to live off in their twilight years. Recently it has come to light that many pension schemes and financial advisers have mis-sold pension investments whether due to negligence  or otherwise. If you have been mis-sold an investment or pension,

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