Hoodless Brennan/ Beaufort Securities

Hoodless Brennan/ Beaufort Securities Mendelsons Solicitors are accepting claims from clients who have suffered losses as result of poor advice given by Beaufort Securities (previously known as Hoodless Brennan PLC). It is fair to say that the writing was on the wall for Beaufort Securities for quite some time prior to their predictable demise in […]

Galvan/ Trade Facts

Galvan/ Trade Facts Mendelsons are continuing to accept claims from clients against Galvan Research and Trading t/a Trade Facts Ltd. Galvan Research and Trading set up in February 2004 and promoted themselves as one of the first specialist CFD advisors. Galvan changed its name to Trade Facts Ltd in May 2016 . The business was […]

Optimise Wealth Management Ltd

Optimise Wealth Management Limited Mendelsons are now accepting claims from clients against Optimise Wealth Management Limited. Ever since Optimise applied to cancel its  FCA authorisation on 1/3/2021 we have been keeping a keen eye out for them as we believe they been involved in providing negligent financial advice to hundreds of its customers. The advice […]