Mendelsons strive to deliver quality advice, client care and expertise. Obtaining the correct advice, encouragement and support is crucial to making the best decision for you. At Mendelson’s we understand that a potential criminal conviction will not just have an impact on you, it will impact the people closest to you.

Our Values

At Mendelsons Solicitors we endeavour to collate evidence as efficiently and quickly as possible, assess the position accurately and relay the information to our clients with the appropriate and best advice at the earliest opportunity. If after assessing the evidence we do not believe there are reasonable prospects of succeeding we will advise you at the earliest opportunity and we will prepare a detailed plea of mitigation.

Our Mission

We have a responsibility to our clients to ensure they receive the best advice, representation and outcome with minimum upset and worry.

Company Value

We pride on our lawyers reputation of being friendly, approachable, down to earth and devoted to providing the best service that is possible.

The ethos within the firm is to look after our clients interests by treating them as we would treat and care for any close friend or family member.

We have experience of clients who are going through a problematic and challenging time in their lives and are in a helpless position, in terms of where they are up to with their case. When advising clients, we are able to explain the case to them in a way they will understand. It is important to us to be open, honest and frank with our clients throughout the process of the case from the initial advice to trial.

We come across clients who will not be successful in terms of what they wanted to achieve but we will always be straightforward and truthful in terms of the merits of the clients case rather than leading them down the garden path by promising an unrealistic outcome.

We will set out our fixed fee structure during our initial phone call so there will be no nasty surprises down the line, making it very clear what the cost will be, unlike what other firms might do.

When we get the result that a client wants, and their case is finished, and we can see how much it means to them, it gives us the best feeling and satisfaction.

We offer a free initial advice to call our team on 0161 820 1999 or complete our online enquiry form and we will contact you directly at a time most convenient to you.

Our Practice Areas

At Mendelsons Solicitors we focus on very specific claimants work as shown below. This is to ensure that we have the highest amount of experience and knowledge to fight your claim.

Clinical Negligence

Have you, or your family, suffered as a direct result of a healthcare professional failing to carry out
their responsibilities? If so, Mendelsons Solicitors may be able to help you Read More…→


Are you a tenant living in a rented property which has fallen into disrepair? If you have suffered or even just inconvenience as a result of the disrepair, you may be entitled to
compensation. Read More…→

Professional Negligence

Professional Negligence can arise where a professional provides “bad”
advice or fail to perform their responsibilities. Read More…→

Inheritance Act Claims

When a family member or law spouse passes away the last thing you want to
do is pursue a claim if you haven’t been provided a proper consideration. Read More…→

Financial Page and AIGO Fund

Financial Page Ltd were Independent Financial Advisers who are no longer trading and the company is in administration Read More…→

Personal Injury

Personal injury can occur in many different circumstances. At Mendelsons Solicitors we act as an extensive guide of comprehensive information, detailing and explaining every aspect surrounding a personal injury compensation claim. Read More…→


Understanding and explaining pension terminology Read More…→

Make A

Make Your Free Claim Assessment Today. Discover Your Rights Now. No Win No Fee. Read More…→




Mendelsons Solicitors which was founded in 1989 by Steven Mendelson a Recognised Sole Practitioner Solicitor.

Mendelsons have a strong track record in law and especially when dealing with personal injury. Mendelsons was one of the first law firms to focus solely on claimants work.

Since the restriction in recoverable fees for personal injury, Steven is focusing on new niche areas in the law.

With our history of fighting for compensation for our clients, a natural progression for Mendelsons Solicitors was pension scams and financial mis-selling.